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Welcome to the Department of
Immigration in the Cayman Islands

We are responsible for securing Cayman's borders and controlling immigration
into the Islands. We are also responsible for issuing Cayman Islands Passports.

Enforcement Updates

DOI Enforcement Division Update
Joint operations conducted in the last two weeks resulted in seven arrests and 30 spot checks. 18th May 2018, 3:45pm

Latest Updates

Mrs McLean Awarded Chief Officer's Choice
Head of Passport & Corporate Services Office Janice McLean received a Chief Officer’s Choice (COC) award on Thursday, 2 August. 10th August 2018, 5:15pm
DOI Announces Immigration Amnesty
The DOI has announced a one-month amnesty from prosecution for certain immigration offences. 1st August 2018, 6:00pm
Immigration Legislation Changes Pave Way for WORC
The new bill also seeks to remove the limitations on certain individuals whose Immigration status has been uncertain for a number of years. 26th July 2018, 11:33am
DOI Enforcement Division Operation Report
During recent operations the Enforcement Division made 11 arrests and carried out approximately 30 spot-checks on individuals. 24th July 2018, 1:31pm
Release of Detainees at IDC
To mitigate risk to the public, a thorough risk assessment was conducted on all detainees. 18th July 2018, 11:10am