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Welcome to the Department of Immigration in the Cayman Islands

We are responsible for securing Cayman's borders and controlling immigration into the Islands. We are also responsible for issuing Cayman Islands Passports.

Latest Updates

Cuban Migrants Repatriated
The return took place last Monday. 17th August 2016, 5:23pm
Credit/Debit Cards accepted for payment of the VWV
Only Credit/Debit cards can be used to pay for the VWV starting 2nd May 2016 29th April 2016, 11:33am
Migrants Repatriated
Four men and a woman were returned to Cuba yesterday. 19th February 2016, 5:55pm
Migrants Found
Two who fled landing site late last month are back in custody. 17th February 2016, 6:13pm
Migrant Numbers Rise
A cruise ship recently brought into harbour 12 migrants that it had rescued at sea. 15th February 2016, 6:16pm