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Garfield Wong - Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement)

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement & Asylum)

Garfield Wong has been employed with the Immigration Department for over 26 years, working within almost every aspect of the Department. Prior to his present position, Mr Wong was the Assistant Chief Immigration Officer for Visas/ Student Visas.

He was instrumental in the screening of the Cuban Refugees (1,182) crisis of 1994, and was tasked with making the determination of who qualified for refugee status while working in the Enforcement Section.

Mr Wong has direct responsibility for the Enforcement and Comliance Units and is required to maintain and develop sustainable policies for his units.


Assistant Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement)

Mr Joey Scott


Mr Jeremy Scott - Assistant Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement)


Assistant Chief Immigration Officer (Compliance)


Mr Jeremy Scott has been employed by the Immigration Department since 1997 and has spent much of his career in the Enforcement Unit. Since November 2009 he has held the position of Assistant Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement), a position that involves operational and management responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the Enforcement and Intelligence Unit. In this capacity Mr Scott also has responsibility for operational oversight of asylum matters and the Immigration Detention Centre.