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This section contains any documents published by the Immigration Department.


This includes:-

  • Reports published as a result of normal day-to-day activity
  • Reports commissioned by the Immigration Department
  • Forms & leaflets published for use by the public
  • Manuals, procedures & guidelines

The Immigration Department publishes the following information -

Immigration Law (2011 Revision)
This is the most recent Immigration Law
Changes In British Citizen passport Processsing

Term Limit Review Committee Final Report
Recommendations of the Term Limit Review Committee - May 28, 2012
Guidance notes -TLEP

Work Permit Fees
For persons employed in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.
Immigration Regulations (2011 Revision)

Document Types
List of document types
Category of Offences 29 Sep 2009
Cabinet Advisory Committee on Prohibited Immigrants (CACPI).
Complaints Form 2009 xls_J Lewis
Internal Complaints Process & Complaint Form.
Immigration Publication Scheme - 17 Dec 09
Immigration Publication Scheme - 17-Dec-09
Immigration Task Force Report 2009-01-29 FINAL_PC
Task Force to Develop Accreditation System for Employers - Final Report
Internal Complaints Procedure - Imm Website
Internal Complaints - Policy Document
Internal Complaints Process - Guidelines 2009
Internal Complaints Process - Complaints Procedure
List of Consular Representatives
List of Consular Representatives in the Cayman Islands - Updated march 2010.
Memorandum Of Understanding
Between the Government of the Cayman Islands and the Government of the Republic of Cuba, 15th April 1999.
PP as attachment to CP ON PROHIBITED IMMIGRANTS 29 Sep 2009
Government policy with respect to requests for permission for readmission of Prohibited Immigrants into the Cayman Islands - Recommendations by the Cabinet Appointed Committee.
The Immigration (Financial Services Sector) Directions, 2010
The Immigration Law (2009 Revision)
Quarterly Report - 31 Dec, 2011
Quarterly Report to December 31 2011
Number of Foreign Workers by Country of Citizenship
List of number of foreign workers by country
Step By Step instructions on how to enroll in the NEW IOL - Feb 2012

Traveler's Questionnaire
All passengers to complete upon arrival in the Cayman Islands.
Guidance Notes on PR Points System - 2015
Guidance on PR Points System - 2015

Last Updated: 2009-01-08