W5 - Grant of a Specialist Caregiver Certificate

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W5 - Grant of a Specialist Caregiver Certificate

Use this form:

When you wish to apply for the grant of a Certificate for Specialist Caregivers.

The employer or prospective employer must complete fully the Certificate for Specialist Caregivers application form. The employer and employee must both sign the application at the appropriate places having noted carefully the declaration with respect to the making of false statements.

Submission requirements:

In submitting this form you should enclose the following (where appropriate):

  • Fees - There is a non-refundable application fee of CI$100. At the time of submitting the application the applicant must also pay a grant fee. This is the same as the annual fee for a work permit for a person employed in the same occupation, plus CI$100. For example, the grant fee for a Certificate for Specialist Caregivers for a domestic helper will be CI$250 (annual work permit fee of CI$150, plus CI$100). This fee is payable annually. In the event that the application for the Certificate for Specialist Caregivers is refused the grant fee will be refunded.
  • Photograph of applicant
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Supporting evidence - Where the person being, or to be, cared for is -
    • An elderly person: a copy of their birth certificate, passport or other document which provides proof of their age.
    • A sick person: a letter from a physician confirming that they are suffering from an illness which is not short-term in nature and as a result of which they are dependent on the services of a specialist caregiver.
    • A person with a disability: a letter from a doctor confirming that the person is suffering from a physical or mental disability and as a result of this disability they are dependent on the services of a specialist caregiver.
  • In respect of the person being cared for, a copy of their passport or other document containing a photograph which confirms their identity.
  • Employee must have been employed for at least three (3) years prior to term limit expiry.

Send the completed application form to:

The Secretary to the Work Permit Board
P.O. Box 1098
Grand Cayman, KY1-1102
Cayman Islands

What happens next?
If the application is approved, a letter will be sent to you notifying you of the decision and setting out the terms and conditions upon which you may work.
If the application is refused, there is a right of appeal to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Under the Law an applicant is required to provide a complete application which has been defined as above. Failure to comply with the above could result in a refusal by the Board.