Special Economic Zone Work Permit Grant/Renewal

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Special Economic Zone Work Permit Grant/Renewal

Use this form:

When you wish to apply for the grant of a work permit (employment certificate) by the Special Economic Zone Authority for working in in the Special Economic Zone within the Cayman Islands. (For renewal requirements see the SEZA Work Permit Renewal Form checklist).

Submission requirements:

In submitting this form you should enclose the following (where applicable):

  • Police Clearance Certificate - Signed and Sealed
  • Fees
  • Photographs
  • Cover Letter
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Release letter
  • Where the Trade Certificate (as a SEZ company) has expired, copy of the receipt of payment for renewal from employer
  • English Test
  • For Accompanying Dependants:
    • Children: Medical Questionnaire (if over 18 years of age), Notarised Birth Certificate, Letter from a private school confirming acceptance.
    • Spouse: Medical Questionnaire, Certified Marriage Licence, Police Clearance Certificate, Affidavit, Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate

Send the completed application to:

Cayman Enterprise City
3rd Floor, North Wing, Flagship Building,
Harbour Drive, George Town,
Grand Cayman,  KY1-1003
What happens next?
If the application is approved, a letter will be sent to you notifying you of the decision and setting out the terms and conditions upon which you may work. If the application is refused, there is a right of appeal to the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.

SEZA - Guidance for Work Permit grant form

SEZA Work Permit Renewal From