Right to be Caymanian (Marriage) - Affidavit

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Right to be Caymanian (Marriage) - Affidavit

Use this form:

To support your application when you are married to a Caymanian and wish to apply for the Right to be Caymanian.

Submission requirements:

This affidavit must be signed before a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public by both the Caymanian and non-Caymanian spouse attesting that the marriage is not one of convenience and that the couple live together.

Send the completed affidavit, along with the completed application form for the Right to be Caymanian, to:

The Secretary to the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board
Department of Immigration
P.O. Box 1098
Grand Cayman, KY1-1102


What happens next?
A letter will be sent to you, notifying you of the decision.