T1 - Temporary Work Permit Application Form

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T1 - Temporary Work Permit Application Form

Use this form:

If you wish to apply for a Temporary Work Permit

Submission requirements (see checklist):

In submitting this form you should enclose the following (where applicable):

  1. Application

    • All Applications and supporting forms to the application should be printed on regular size, plain, white paper and duly completed with original signatures.
      • Coloured paper, stock card, letterhead, or parchment/transfer papers are all unacceptable. 
    • All forms should be submitted in the correct format which includes the title pages and immigration logos.
    • Forms should be in the correct page number order and there should be no missing page

  2. Cover Letter
  3. Original Cover letter signed by the Employer with detailed summary of why the work permit is required. Include employee duties & responsibilities- original signature required.

  4. Fees
  5. At the time of application the following fees must be paid:

    • Non-refundable application fee
    • WP Fee
    • Dependant fee (if applicable)
    • Express fee (if applicable)

  6. Medical Questionnaire
  7. Where the Temporary Work Permit is to be valid for more than three months, a fully completed medical questionnaire and a lab report showing HIV/VDRL test results.
    Note: HIV/VDRL lab reports are not acceptable from Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Prospective workers from these countries will be required to re-take the HIV/VDRL tests once in the Cayman Islands.
    Original medical questionnaires are also required for an accompanying spouse and any children over the age of eighteen.

  8. Police Clearance Certificate
  9. A certified and signed police clearance certificate with respect to the prospective employee and their dependent spouse, if applicable, from their home district or last place of residence and issued within six months preceding the date of application.

  10. Photographs
  11. One full-face photograph (passport size)

    • Print name and date of birth on the back of the photograph.
    • The photograph must be in colour and taken within the past 12 months, full face (shoulders and above), with no head covering.
    • The photograph must a have a white background.
    • The photograph size should be between 45mm by 35mm (1.77 inches by 1.38 inches) and 63mm by 50mm (2.5 inches by 2 inches).
    • The photograph should be un-mounted and printed on normal photographic paper.
    • The photograph resolution must be at least 800 dots per square inch. Blurred photographs will not be accepted.
    • Stick-on labels will not be accepted.

  12. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  13. Enclose a copy of the Prospective Employee’s curriculum vitae/ resume, qualifications and experience designators.

  14. Release Letter
  15. A release letter where the applicant is changing jobs prior to the expiry of their current work permit from employer is required. Where one is not forthcoming, a letter of explanation and any supporting documentation is required.

  16. Trade & Business Licence - A copy of the Current Trade & Business Licence.
  17. Where the Trade & Business Licence has expired, a copy of the receipt of payment for the renewal from employer is needed.
    Where the employer is licenced by another body other than the Trade & Business Licencing Board, proof of current licence or copy of the receipt of payment for the renewal is required.

  18. Cuban National
  19. Please provide a certified copy of Cuban Visa.

  20. Private School
  21. Please provide a letter from a private school/university confirming acceptance/ attendance for your child. If over eighteen years old, the conformation/attendance letter must be submitted annually.

  22. Birth/Marriage Certificates
  23. If adding for the first time, a spouse or a child on the work permit renewal application form, the relationship to the employee must be proved by submitting marriage licence & birth certificates as appropriate.

  24. Term Limit considerations for spousal work permits
  25. Section 52 (10) application (to coincide with spouse): An affidavit and certified copy of marriage certificate is required.

    If the permits of spouses had different end dates, and one of the spouses has a final work permit (due to Term Limit restrictions), and the other spouse’s work permit is expiring, the spouse whose permit is expiring may apply for one additional work permit. This one additional work permit’s end date will be the same end date as the spousal final work permit.

    A person who is eligible for this consideration is a person who- :

    • Is married to a worker,
    • Is married to a person employed by the Government of the Islands
    • Is married to a person employed by the Government of the United Kingdom, in the Islands
    • Is married to a person employed by any statutory authority or Government owned company, the employees of which are by law not required to hold work permits
    • Is married to a person who is working by operation of law under section 49(2) or 52A(10), or with the permission granted under subsections(4) and (8), and whose right to work in the Islands will expire before that of his spouse
    • whose marriage is in opinion of the Board or the Chief Immigration Officer not a marriage of convenience,
    • who is not living apart from his spouse under a decree of a competent court or under a deed of separation
    • who has not lived apart from his spouse for an aggregate period of three months out of the twelve months immediately preceding the application for the grant in circumstances which, in the opinion of the Board or the Chief Immigration Officer, have led it to conclude that the marriage has broken down.

    may apply for a grant or renewal of a work permit. The period granted may not exceed that of the spouse’s work permit or any renewal thereof or his employment as aforesaid.

  26. English language requirements
  27. Prior to arrival in the Islands, a prospective employee whose first language is not English is required to take the overseas English language testing (ELT). This testing requirement is envisioned to be more accommodating and convenient as it will enable persons to make appointments and sit tests in his/her own country prior to travelling to the Cayman Islands.

    Further details may be found on the English Lanaguage Testing page.

  28. English Language Translations
  29. All supporting documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official translation that has been done by a translator who has been approved by the Department of Immigration. Please note that the original foreign language document and the original translation must be submitted with the application. For further information on translation requirements please see the document “Translation Services – Policies and Guidelines.

Additional supporting documentation is required if the prospective employee is to be employed in the following employment sectors/positions:

  • Hospitality Industry – Diving/Scuba
  • If the prospective employee is to be employed as a diver, a copy of their PADI/NAUI Photo ID Card and membership status must be provided.

  • Professional/Managerial Positions
  • Notarized copies of prospective employee's professional qualifications must be provided.

  • Nurse / Health Practitioners
  • Provide written approval from Health Practitioners Board.

    • In the case of Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, etc., please provide a certified copy of their licence to practice by the Council of Professions Allied with Medicine (CPAM).

  • Veterinarians

    • Provide written approval from Veterinary Board.

  • Teachers
  • Provide written approval from the Educational Council

  • Key Managerial Positions in Firms regulated by CIMA.
  • For key positions, (e.g., Managing Director, CEO, CFO) for those firms regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), provide written approval from CIMA.

  • Skilled/Supervisory Positions
  • Provide notarized copies of the prospective employee's qualifications and details of the skills they possess that are relevant and required for the position for which they are proposing to be employed.

  • Construction Industry

    • Provide Form A.
    • Provide copies of current signed contracts including clients, addresses & phone numbers. If available, building permits for all on-going construction projects and those to be undertaken should be provided to supplement the application.
    • Permits and contracts may be redacted to preserve competitive information.

  • Plumbers
  • Provide notarized copy of current licence from the Water Authority authorising them to operate as a plumber.

  • Electrical Engineer/Master Electrician/Electrician/Wireman/Lineman

    • Provide notarized copy of the prospective employee's current licence from the Electrical Licencing Board authorising them to operate as an electrician.
    • Provide the ratio of Electricians to Apprentices/Wiremen (electrical helpers) employed by the company.

  • Janitorial or Gardening Services

    • Provide Form A.
    • Provide copies of current signed contracts including clients, addresses & phone numbers.
    • Permits and contracts may be redacted to preserve competitive information.

  • Farmers

    • Provide Agriculture ID Card or notarized copy of certification from the Department of Agriculture.
    • Include letter from Department of Agriculture.

  • Drivers
  • Provide a notarized copy of the prospective employee's licence from the Public Transport Board for the appropriate category of vehicle.

  • Domestic / Nanny / Caregiver
  • For all three categories, provide an original signed letter from the personal employer(s).

    • If the prospective employee is to be a caretaker, proof of patient’s age is required.
    • If the prospective caretaker is to care for an infirm person under 65 years of age, provide a Physician’s letter confirming the condition.
    • If the prospective employee is to be a nanny, provide birth certificates of the child(ren) being tended.
    • Personal Employers must provide an original employment/job letter.

  • Security Officer
  • Provide copy of preliminary licence from the Royal Cayman Islands Police (RCIPS).

  • Employment Agency
  • Provide proof of past and future employment for the prospective employee.

  • Entertainment Industry- Additional Information

    • Musical Entertainer

      • Provide demo tape, CD, or DVD of show to be performed.
      • Provide written approval from the Cayman Music Association.

    • Theatrical/ Stage Show Entertainer

      • Provide demo tape, CD, or DVD of show to be performed.
      • Provide written approval from the Cayman National Cultural Association (CNCF).

    • DJ
    • Provide written approval from the Cayman Music Association.

    • Liquor Licence
    • Provide written approval for the event, if applicable.

    • Event Advertising
    • Provide reasonable size samples of advertising materials (e.g. flyers).

Send the completed application to:

The Chief Immigration Officer
P.O. Box 1098
Grand Cayman, KY1-1102

What happens next?

If the application is approved, a letter will be sent to you advising you of the decision and setting out the terms and conditions upon which you may work.
If it is refused, the applicant has the right of appeal to the Work Permit Board which must be submitted within seven days of the communication of the decision.

Under the Law an applicant is required to provide a complete application which has been defined as above. Failure to comply with the above could result in a refusal by the Chief Immigration Officer.
  • Revised 22-Apr-16