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Legalislation Using Passport & Corporate Services
Due to COVID-19 the Passport and Corporate Services office is currently unable to accept documents for legalisation / apostilles at this time. However; we are moving to a provisional system where you will send your notarised documents to your client(s) as usual and instruct them to contact us to confirm the authenticity of the signatures.  9th April 2020, 10:18pm
Bills Preface Changes
Proposed legislation seeks to establish in law the future operations and statutory framework for WORC and CBC. 24th October 2018, 5:12pm
Customers Benefit from DOI Cross-training
The DOI has completed a cross-training initiative to enhance its customer service experience. 17th October 2018, 5:12pm
DOI Enforcing the Law
After reviewing the final data, officials report a total of 185 overstayers departed the Islands during Immigration Amnesty. 17th October 2018, 5:08pm
Migrants Arrive at IDC
The IDC has reopens to accommodate the arrival of 11 Cuban migrants. 8th October 2018, 5:05pm