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Release of Detainees at IDC
To mitigate risk to the public, a thorough risk assessment was conducted on all detainees. 18th July 2018, 11:10am
Officials Continue to Monitor IDC Detainees
The CIG remains attentive to the safety, security, and well-being of all detainees as a matter of critical importance. 12th July 2018, 10:51am
DOI Officials Arrest Deported Suspect
DOI officers successfully apprehended an individual for violating the Immigration Law. 10th July 2018, 5:03pm
Wanted Person Arrested
The DOI has confirmed that Mr Williams was taken into custody on Sunday. 3rd July 2018, 12:20pm
DOI Early Closure
The DOI headquarters, including several sections, will close early on Thursday, 28 June. 25th June 2018, 10:02am