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Job Seekers Beware

Published 10th December 2008, 3:30pm

With concern growing over the state of the world economy we must be mindful of  unsuspecting persons falling  prey to scams.

The Cayman Islands Department of Immigration has received reports of individuals from other countries engaging in dishonest schemes by attempting to mislead their fellow citizens. Persons are led by promises that agents can organise travel and job oportunities in the Cayman Islands. This opportunity is connected to a fee and usually results in victims losing their money.

Part of the scam involves persons who are seeking jobs, being given instructions to meet these unscrupulous individuals at the Cayman Islands Visa Office in Jamaica in order to make it appear that the paperwork will be submitted to the Office there. Once the monetary transaction takes place the fraudster will then basically disappear. The victims usually end up paying a huge sum of money and have no work permit application or any other Immigration process progressed on their behalf.

The public must note that the Cayman Islands Visa Offices in both Jamaica and in Honduras do not accept or deal with Work Permit applications or associated transactions.

In addition, we are echoing previous reminders that the overseas Visa Offices do not have the authority to make any decisions on any visa applications submitted.  All visa  applications received at these offices are dealt with by Immigration officials in the Cayman Island.