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Immigration Ranks Expand

Fourteen new Immigration Officers share their graduation moment with Chief Immigration Officer, Franz Manderson (second left, front row) and other senior team members, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Border Control, Bruce Smith (left) ; Boards Administrator, Sherryl Miller (right, front row);  Human  Resource Manager, Martha Bush ( right, middle row), Assistant Immigration Officers,  Dolcy Power (left, middle row and Dawn Hydes (left, back row).

Published 27th February 8, 12:0am

Fourteen recruits have joined the ranks of Immigration Officers after one year of intensive training.

At their Grand Cayman Beach Suites graduation ceremony yesterday, Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson congratulated the new officers and urged them to excel and to be mindful of their obligations as civil servants and law enforcement officers.

Reminding the graduates that they have become immigration officers at a time when there is heightened interest in border protection, Mr Manderson noted that resulting from the global war against terrorism, the world had changed significantly in the last eight years.

"You have today joined the conflict. The work you do on immigration control and in enforcement can determine Caymanís success in this war," he said.

In emphasizing the importance of their role, Mr. Manderson noted that the commission established to investigate the 911 attacks reported that immigration officers might have helped deter the terrorists.

"Hijackers presented fraudulent passports at airports, lied to border agents and violated immigration laws in the months before the attacks," he said.

He told the officers that they are ambassadors for the Cayman Islands and urged them to be professional. He further advised them to continue their education and to set high goals.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, in charge of Border Control, Bruce Smith advised the graduates to be vigilant and mindful of their duty to protect the Islands.

He commented, "This graduation and the training you have undergone is not the end of the hard work, it is only the beginning.

Adding her congratulations, Human Resource Manager Martha Bush encouraged the officers to wear their uniforms with pride and dignity and remain mindful of the many hours spent attending lectures and workshops and doing field training.

"You are now versed in all aspects of immigration procedures, the powers of arrest, interviewing techniques, the law of Evidence, customer service, code of conduct, search and custody, and much more," she said.

As top performer in the batch, Ezron Anderson delivered the valedictory speech. Thanking all involved in their training, he also noted that they were poised at the start of a journey.

"We now recognise that the road to becoming an Immigration Officer is not one that happens overnight, but is an intensive and well calibrated process, driven by a group of professional men and women within the Immigration Department," Mr. Anderson said.