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Public Shown Appreciation

Published 24th January 8, 12:0am

On Tuesday 22 January, Immigration Department staff broke bread with members of the public, with senior officials interacting with customers and providing one-on-one consultations.

The open house and customer appreciation event was part of Immigration Week 2008, from 20 to 25 January.

Chief Immigration Officer, Franz Manderson and colleagues were highly visible at the front of the building throughout the day and even as refreshments were being served, they stayed busy. “We had a significant number of people coming by to share in the occasion and have their questions answered, “Mr. Manderson said. “Popular questions revolved around the right to be Caymanian, work permits and permanent residence.”

He added: “The day was very rewarding for me and my staff; not only did we achieve that all-important direct interaction with our customers, we were also able to achieve greater insight into what is currently on their minds and the issues they need addressed.“

Mr. Manderson explained that for the Immigration Department, customer appreciation is an important element in developing the process of building stronger links with local communities. He added that this rationale is also the basis of the district evening series, the first of which took place in West Bay yesterday (23 January 2008) and will be repeated in Cayman Brac the following day.

The Chief Immigration Officer also voiced his hope that the department’s newly- revamped website, launched on Monday, will empower clients by giving them greater access to information and filling their needs on-line.