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Press Releases 2009

Accreditation System - LoGB Statement
New administrative system for processing work permit applications. 2nd February 2009, 11:30am
Permits for Performers
Entertainment promoters need to apply early for temporary permits for stage performers. 20th November 9, 12:00am
Vigilance Continues
Detection drive targets all levels of offenders. 16th October 9, 12:00am
Enforcements Division Active
The Department continues to focus on detecting over-stayers. 2nd October 9, 12:00am
New Immigration Deputy
Long-serving officer Gary Wong now heads the Enforcement Unit. 24th September 9, 12:00am
New Immigration Boss
Ms Linda Evans will be Cayman's first female Chief Immigration Officer. 17th August 9, 12:00am
Cancel Permits
Employers are legally obliged to inform Immigration when an employee leaves. 4th May 9, 12:00am
Immigration Meeting on the Brac
A public meeting Saturday on the Brac will discuss the Accreditation Programme for Employers. 16th April 9, 12:00am
Immigration Heads Meet
Strengthened regional co-operation is on the agenda. 26th February 9, 12:00am