Permits for Performers

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Permits for Performers

Published 20th November 9, 12:0am

Local entertainment promoters are reminded of their legal obligation to apply for temporary work permits for entertainers who intend to perform in the Cayman Islands.

Entertainers for the purposes of the Immigration Law (2009 Revision) include persons performing musical acts individually or as a part of an orchestra; singers, disc jockeys, or comics; and circus or carnival performers. All promoters of entertainment events must also possess valid trade and business licenses.

The Department of Immigration emphasises that applications for temporary work permits must be submitted well in advance of the proposed event and before advertising or ticket selling begins.

Promoters should note that if applications are submitted late there is a risk that they will not be processed in time and the event may have to be cancelled. They are therefore urged to submit applications at least 30 days before advertising the event.

The required documents include a fully-completed application form which has been signed by the performers and the promoter (in his or her capacity as employer for the event); police clearance certificates and photographs for each of the performers; a cover letter from the promoter outlining the details of the event or events; and the required fees.

The promoter must also submit with the application DVD or video footage showing the nature and content of the proposed performance.

Prior to submitting temporary work permit applications the promoter must obtain the written views of the Cayman Islands Music Association (CMEA) and those must be attached to the work permit application. The CMEA may be contacted via email or by telephone at 547 0609.

For further information concerning the work permit requirements for entertainers, please contact the Department of Immigration on 949 8344 or visit the Department's website at