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Press Releases 2010

Immigration Holiday Closures
Immigration closes half day on the 21st, and the boards will close until 2011. 15th December 10, 12:00am
Immigration One-on-one
Residents are meeting with Immigration officials during district meetings. 3rd November 10, 12:00am
Caring Allowances
The new immigration "specialist caregiver" certification will cater to the needs of the infirm and elderly. 25th October 10, 12:00am
Half as Much
Reduced permit fee for key employees 25th October 10, 12:00am
Pink for a Cause
The men and women of the Immigration Department supported Breast Cancer Awareness Day. 17th October 10, 12:00am
Filling Out the Ranks
A second batch of recruits strengthens Immigration Department numbers. 15th October 10, 12:00am
Interfacing With the Public
Immigration Department staffers will be up front and personal with members of the public who attend a new series of district meetings. 15th October 10, 12:00am
Immigration Offenders Netted
Continued initiatives by immigration and other enforcement agencies target a range of offenders. 22nd September 10, 12:00am
Immigration Crackdown Underway
Amnesty has ended: workers, employers should ensure their compliance with Immigration laws. 3rd September 10, 12:00am
Ready for Action
High-ranking officials encourage Immigration's Class of 2010 with tough words and high expectations. 13th August 10, 12:00am
Staking Out Immigration Seniority
Outstanding service and dedication result in a trio of new Assistant Chief Immigration Officers. 5th August 10, 12:00am
Office in Jamaica Closed
Immigration's visa office in Kingston, Jamaica, will be closed temporarily due to the civil unrest currently affecting that island. 26th May 10, 12:00am
Bennett Named DCIO-Admin
Local HR professional joins the Department of Immigration's management team. 26th May 10, 12:00am
Pay Now or Forfeit Rights
The Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency (CSPR) Board advises anyone who has been granted Permanent Residency, or the right to be Caymanian, or who has been issued an Employment Rights Certificate, to clear any unpaid fees now. 12th March 10, 12:00am