Caring Allowances

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Caring Allowances

Published 25th October 10, 12:0am

Employers of domestic workers who are long-term caregivers may from Tuesday, 26 October apply for the new Specialist Caregiver certificate. This will allow them extended and uninterrupted periods of work time.

Application forms, along with requirement details and other guidance, will be available at the Department of Immigration, or on the Department's website:

Previously, helpers who were caregivers were subject to rollover stipulations, as are workers in other categories. However, this recent amendment to the Immigration Law allows for greater continuity of care, especially for the benefit of elderly, sick and vulnerable persons.

This newly-introduced certification will allow workers to remain with their employers indefinitely, provided medical and care requirements continue.

When applying, employers must provide supporting evidence that the persons receiving care are elderly, sick or handicapped.

Employees must also have worked at the same job for the applicant at least three years immediately prior to applying for the caregiver certificate. This could have been as a domestic helper, nurse, nanny, or in another care-giving capacity.

Applicants for the Specialist Caregiver certificate will pay an administrative filing fee of $100, as well as an 'issue fee' based on the employee's previous work permit category. This amounts to whatever the previous work permit fee was, plus $100.

For example, if the employee was previously employed as a domestic helper the issue fee will be $250 ($150 plus $100). This fee is payable annually.