Filling Out the Ranks

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Filling Out the Ranks

Standing (L-R) are Chief Officer in the Deputy Governor's Office, Mr. Franz Manderson; Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans; DCIO Enforcement Bruce Smith; Assistant CIO Enforcement and Intelligence Jeremy Scott; DCIO Border Control Gary Wong; recruits Harry Forbes and Senior Enforcement Officer Joey Scott.
Seated (L-R) are recruits Floyd Shaw, Alice Edwards, Javin Powery and Sheria Goff.

Published 15th October 10, 12:0am

Seven new Immigration Department recruits began an intensive training regime last week. When they graduate in February they will augment colleagues at the air and sea ports.

Welcoming the new group, Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans encouraged teamwork, courtesy, respect and positive attitudes in their new and unpredictable working environment.

"Build your confidence at the booths and on the job; ask questions and learn the laws, regulations and policies and procedures of the department," Ms. Evans advised. "If you get it right at the entry ports, it will mean fewer issues our enforcement unit will have to face."

In addition to classroom work, the group is receiving practical instruction and cross-training with other unformed agencies.

Required to have a command of local laws as well as an understanding of human behaviour, the officers must be versed in geography, psychology and sociology, insofar as they relate to immigration.

Their first session included a welcome lecture by former Immigration Chief Franz Manderson who is now Chief Officer in the Deputy Governor's Office.

"This is both a professional and high-achieving organization," he said, "but everyone starts out where you are today: challenging self to achieve great results." Emphasising the need for punctuality, diligence and a willingness to go the extra mile, he reminded recruits, "You have the ability to make, or ruin a person's day or stay."

Mr. Manderson also told the trainees that Cayman's immigration laws had been significantly updated in 2003 to address issues that ranged from human smuggling to political asylum and refugee conventions.

He noted too that departmental effectiveness and visa regimes had made local law enforcement much easier in recent years - citing as examples major declines in drug mule, couriers and the decline in serious crime committed by non-Caymanians. Also attending the opening training session were the three Deputy CIOs: Bruce Smith (Border Control), Samantha Bennett (Administration) and Gary Wong (Enforcement ). HR Manager Martha Bush and other senior representatives were also present.

The seven new recruits are Jesanna Mencia, Sheria Goff, Alice Edwards, Harry Forbes, Floyd Shaw, Abel Medina and Javin Powery.