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Chasing the Cheese

Staff ask Who Moved My Cheese?  Seated (front L-R) are Assistant Chief Immigration Officer-Visas, Tamara Reid Vernon; Director of Finance Christine Mitchell; Finance Manager Lisa Ritch; Acting Appeals Coordinator Giselle Webb; and Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Administration) Samantha Bennett.

Published 10th October 2011, 2:31pm

Internal "change facilitation" is the focus of an ongoing Department of Immigration training exercise aimed at boosting the skills of all uniformed and administrative staff in this area.

A top corporate trainer recently prepared over 100 staff members to anticipate, monitor and adapt to change, while at the same time enjoying the growth process. Some 40 senior Immigration staff members had already undergone the same training.

Led by Deloitte's Director of Consulting and HR Karie Bergstrom, the sessions were based on Spenser Johnson's motivational book Who Moved My Cheese?

"This simple story has impacted companies around the world, and I am encouraged that Immigration has brought this programme to its management and staff," said Mrs. Bergstrom. She adds, "Companies are experiencing significant changes today, but organizations that face change head-on and prepare for it see greater success than those who ignore these developments."

Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans commented, "Change is necessary to improve the department's operations, but we can only be successful if staff has been adequately prepared to cope. It is therefore critical that we invest in them as change agents, for they are our greatest asset."