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Kids Tour Immigration

Students, teachers and parents of St George's Pre-school with Principal Ms Magdelena Fernandes (third from left) and the Department of Immigration's Training and Development Manager Ms Jenifer Gager-Sterling (right) outside the Department's headquarters.

Published 17th June 2011, 10:6am

Over 30 potential young Immigration Officers took a tour of the Government's Department of Immigration on Wednesday. The pupils of St George's Pre-school, all aged 4 years old, managed to visit a good many of the sections within the Department's headquarters on Elgin Avenue during their short tour. These included the office of the Chief Immigration Officer Ms Linda Evans, as well as the all-important filing section and behind the scenes at the front desk counter.

The Immigration Department's Training & Development Manager and former educator Ms Jenifer Gager-Sterling conducted a short quiz at the end of the tour whereby pupils were able to share what they had learnt during their short time with the Department.

St George's Pre-School Principal Ms Magdelena Fernandes, who attended the tour with staff and parents, said that this was one of several trips that the school had held for the pupils.

Chief Immigration Officer Ms Linda Evans with students of St George's Pre-school

"We have arranged trips to various places such as the Fire Station and the Police Station and also brought members of the community into the school to talk to the children. Even though the children are small we feel it is important for them to get to know what is going on at places such as the Department of Immigration," she explained. "We will go back to the school and discuss what the children have learnt today to reinforce the education."

Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans says the Department was delighted to host the students. "We hope that the children enjoyed their short visit with us and learnt something about the Immigration Department at the same time," she said.

Young student Danielle thanked Immigration staff for allowing students to tour their Department and said that staff were welcome anytime at the school.