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Talk about Rollover

An Immigration Officer processes the application of a client at Immigration Headquarters.

Published 7th December 2011, 11:30am

Members of the public can express their opinions on the issue of term limits, commonly called "Rollover", this Friday, 9 December. In so doing, all residents can contribute to the Term Limit Review Committee's (TLRC) official report.

This Friday launches the public feedback phase of the rollover review, which continues through year-end. Suggestions and concerns can be expressed to committee members from 11am to 2 pm on the grounds of the Government Administration Building (Glass House) across from Immigration Headquarters.

Other TLRC efforts will include media appearances; online public surveys at; opinion-gathering at supermarkets this Saturday; as well as scheduled group presentations.

This committee was appointed by the Governor-in-Cabinet to review the term limit provision of the Immigration Law (2010 Revision). It seeks public input to guide the development of independent recommendations to government on this immigration policy.

More specifically, its terms of reference are to address the effectiveness of the current term limit provisions; its effects on the social/economic interests of these Islands; and the fee structure associated with the grant of work permits. An associated topic is the 'key employee' provision.

"We are making a concerted effort to ensure that all citizens and residents have the opportunity to express their views on term limits," said TLRC Chairman Sherri Bodden-Cowan.

Private individuals, companies and non-governmental organizations may also contribute written submissions by 31 December 2011 to: Cayman Term Limit Review Committee, PO Box 391 Grand Cayman KY1-1106.

To complete the survey from this Friday, or for more information on this topic, please visit the link on the homepage of

Term Limit Timeline

  • Term Limit Law Introduced - 1 Jan. 2004
  • First people rolled over - 1 Jan. 2006
  • The 'break-in-stay' is reduced from two years to one year - 2006
  • Amendment to exempt Specialist Caregivers (of children and elderly) - Oct. 2010
  • A two-year Term Limit suspension is introduced - 28 Oct. 2011
  • Term Limit Review Committee seeks public opinion - 9 to 31 Dec. 2011
  • Term Limit Review Committee's Report to Cabinet - scheduled for Feb. 2012

Term Limit Review Committee Members

  • Sherri Bodden-Cowan, MBE Chairman
  • Canover Watson Deputy Chairman
  • Kenneth Hydes Member
  • Paulette Anglin-Lewis Member
  • Irma Arch Member
  • Betty Baraud Member
  • Richard Christian Member
  • Richard Coles Member
  • Josephine Habib Member
  • Delia Hydes Member
  • Phillip Jackson Member
  • Jim O'Neill Member
  • Phillip Rankin Member
  • Danny Scott Member
  • Walling Whittaker Member
  • Linda Evans Chief Immigration Officer (Ex-Officio)
  • Bruce Smith Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Ex-Officio)
  • Christopher Eakin Director of Policy & Strategic Mgt,Immigration Department (Ex-Officio)
  • Deborah Bodden Secretary (Ex-Officio)