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Only Fully Completed Forms

Published 14th February 2012, 4:26pm

Fully completed application forms equals better business practice

The Cayman Islands Department of Immigration is launching a new campaign to ensure that anyone making an application makes doubly sure that their paperwork is complete, in terms of submitting all the required information, as well as ensuring that all questions are answered and forms properly filled out and signed.

1st March - don't get caught out!
After the cut-off date of 1st March 2012, incomplete applications to the public counter at the Department's headquarters or via the general mail will no longer be accepted. This applies to applications in Grand Cayman as well as applications in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. So, whether your application is for a work permit, permanent residency or the right to be Caymanian, the Department urges the public to make sure you have a completed application.

Although it is the Department's intention to indicate to the customer the reason(s) why their applications are not accepted, should the Department find that applications are incomplete, post 1st March, such applications will not be receipted and will not enter the system for processing. The public should also note that all required signatures must be on forms, with all the requisite questions answered.

New requirements
The Department would also like to bring to the attention of all our customers certain new requirements if people are applying for a dependent spouse or child over 18 years. Applicants will now need a full medical for both a spouse and child over 18 years if they wish for them to be included on their work permit grant, work permit renewal or temporary work permit as their dependent.

In addition, we would like to bring to the attention of the public the fact that if an individual is applying for a work permit renewal, work permit grant or temporary work permit  they are required to get a police clearance certificate. Furthermore, if an individual's employer's Trade & Business Licence has expired, they need to provide a copy of the receipt of payment for its renewal.

The Department wishes to remind the public that if people are applying for a work permit in certain categories of profession, specific requirements are required. The professions in question are nursing/health practitioner, electrical, diving, plumbing, security officers and financial services (whereby a CIMA approval letter is required for managerial positions). A complete list of all the requirements are listed on a checklist at the back of all application forms. These are the minimum requirements for the application to be entered into the system for processing. However, the Board reserves the right when deliberating over the application to request additional documentation they feel may assist them in making a decision.

Better business practice
Ensuring that all applications are properly completed means better business practice because incomplete applications slow down the processing time for all applications and may result in the applications being deferred.
"The entire objective is to ensure we reduce the number of review times, thereby resulting in a quicker turn-around time for all of our customers," explains Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Samantha Bennett.

The public is also urged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure completeness. Submitting an application at the last hour before the permit expires can have detrimental consequences for the applicant if the Department has to reject an application for incompleteness. If employers submit the complete application after the work permit has expired, employees will have no authority under the Law to continue working. The worker will then have to be regularised as a visitor. Additionally if employers allow their permits to expire, according to the Law there is nothing actually in place to renew. This may result in the employer being asked to submit a full grant application, which can have further financial implications.

Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans explains: "When we process application we need to ensure that our efforts are focussed on customers providing the required documentation needed to make a proper decision. It will no longer be acceptable for our limited staff to use their time to follow up with employers to submit missing documentation. This valuable time will now be utilised to turn completed applications around faster."

We look forward to the full cooperation of our customers to assist us in offering a better service to all.
The public is urged to visit for more information, where new checklists and a complete list of forms can be found.