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Web-based Transparency

Published 21st February 2012, 11:59am


Local business owners and human-resource professionals are invited to the launch of the Department of Immigration's new computer application, Immigration Online (IOL), on Tuesday afternoon, 21 February. Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans encourages all interested businesspeople to take advantage of this introductory session, which will be held at the Ritz Carlton's Cayman Brac Room on Tuesday afternoon, from 2 to 5p.m. This web-based service provides private companies with an external view of their company's records, as held in immigration database. The IOL program is free to users, and was developed by government's Computer Services Department, in collaboration with immigration officials. The technicians described IOL as a 'powerful, functional tool that can be used to efficiently-mange immigration needs'. Computer Services' Applications Project Manager Mick Whitworth said, "On these 'virtual visits' to the department, the IOL meeting calendar can be used to monitor a company's applications that are before immigration boards." He added that users can also see their 'history' of decisions, transactions and costs; and undertake comprehensive searches and instant access of current data, which can be exported to create reports and spreadsheets. "This initiative has been tested for the past six months in a pilot project, which included large private-sector employers, as well as some recruitment agencies," added Ms. Evans. "After fine-tuning the processes, we are happy that the system is now being rolled out publicly." Speaking of the security and flexibility of the new application, she noted, "The service has built-in protections and access limitations. Even so, while IOL will benefit larger companies, it is especially designed to assist smaller businesses - many of which do not have dedicated HR staff."

Click here to view the Step By Step Instructions on how to enroll:  NEW IOL Brochure