New UK Police Clearance Rules

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New UK Police Clearance Rules

The change from our perspective is necessary to ensure consistency and to improve our ability to confirm the character of the individuals who wish to enter, work and reside in our Islands.

Chief Immigration Officer, Linda Evans

Published 6th November 2013, 7:19pm

As of 1st January, 2014, affidavits will no longer be accepted from United Kingdom (UK) citizens, in lieu of police clearance certificates.  

A new, comprehensive records system now allows for police certificates to be obtained quickly. The Association of Chief Police Officers, the UK’s Criminal Records Office coordinates and manages all such information and this change is the result of improved links between criminal records offices and biometric information databases.

Persons who are interested in accessing this service should visit the website: 

This updated process allows applicants to obtain a certificate within two weeks (or within 48 hours as a premium service).

In addition, these new certificates are designed with security technology. Each will feature a photograph of the applicant, unique reference and unique serial numbers, and other features.
For many years prior, the Cayman Islands' Department of Immigration had accepted notarized ‘Affidavits of Character’, which simply attested that applicants had no criminal convictions.  The department acknowledges that, while that arrangement was not ideal, it was introduced because it took three months to obtain UK police clearances in the ‘80’s.