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New PR Supplement form

Published 26th May 2015, 5:16pm


In January 2015 a number of changes were made to the Permanent Residence Points System in relation to how points are awarded for local investments, financial stability and for involvement in community activities. In particular,

  • Applicants will now be given points for the full value of investments in property or business even if those investments are owned jointly with their spouse (but not a person who is not their spouse
  • The income of a spouse will be taken into account in calculating the points to be awarded for investments
  • Where spouses apply individually for permanent residence and they are given credit for the full value of investments in property or business that is held jointly with their spouse each spouse will be required to maintain the full value of the investment.
  • Income for the purpose of calculating points for local investments can be either 90% of documented income over the previous 12 months or 100% of documented income over the previous five years.
  • Points for financial stability will now be based on salary/income for the last 12 months rather than five years.
  • Under the community involvement factor points are now awarded for ‘volunteering for non-profit, charitable or voluntary organisations.

Since the revised Points System will be used when assessing all applications for permanent residence that were received after 25 October 2013 (and which are still pending), applicants are being given the opportunity to update their applications by providing additional information that may benefit them in light of the new provisions. Any applicant wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must complete and submit to the Department of Immigration the completed form, R30S, along with any attachments.

The application form for permanent residence (form R30) has been updated to incorporate the additional questions contained in the Supplement Form (R30S) and any person who is preparing to apply for Permanent Residency should use the updated application form.

PR Supplement Form - 2015
Supplement to Permanent Residence application (8+ years)