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PR History and Culture Course & Test


Published 25th March 2015, 5:55pm

UCCI President Roy Bodden (centre) and Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith (centre, right) sign the Memorandum of Agreement for the partnering to provide Permanent Residency seekers another option in preparing for the History and Culture Test. Present on the occasion are (l-r): Immigration Boards Administration Executive Manager Regina Jackson, Immigration Training and Development Manager Jenifer Gager-Sterling, UCCI Dean of Studies Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett, Assistant Professor of History and Sociology Christopher Williams, Ph.D., Ministry of Home Affairs Assistant Chief Officer Michael Ebanks, Dean of Administration Perry George and Director of Student Services Mitch Ebanks. Photo by Bina Mani, GIS

The Department of Immigration (DOI) and the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) have partnered in providing applicants for Permanent Residence (PR) in the Cayman Islands with another option in preparing for the History and Culture Test (HCT).  This test is a factor within the PR Points system.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith commented, “This initiative is historic, it being the first collaborative project between the two entities. We are grateful to the UCCI leadership for their assistance with this undertaking.”

UCCI President Roy Bodden was elated that the DOI contacted them to be part of this initiative. He stated, “The University College of the Cayman Islands is pleased to have been asked to participate in the preparation for new Caymanians. We look forward to offering instruction in the History and Culture of the Cayman Islands. As President of the University College, I can record that we have already discussed that the presentations will be robust, interactive and thoroughly enlightening. Our instructors are ready for the challenge and we look forward to a mutually beneficial exercise.”

All persons applying for PR in the Cayman Islands will be provided with two options in preparing to sit the HCT. Applicants may either prepare independently or register for the course being offered by UCCI. The DOI recommends that applicants take advantage of this opportunity; however, registering to do this course is entirely up to PR applicants.

Therefore, beginning April 1st, applicants may register to attend classes at UCCI. The course will be four weeks in duration with attendance either on a Saturday or Sunday beginning on 11th April, and will be taught by UCCI faculty Dr. Livingston Smith and Dr. Christopher Williams.  UCCI will provide the DOI with the list of persons who have completed the course offered by them.

The second cohort will begin on May 16th and May 17th with registration commencing April 20th through May 13th.  Future courses will be offered as demand dictates.

The Immigration (Amendment) Regulations. 2015 state that: “All applicants will be given an appointment to sit a History and Culture Test. This date may be rescheduled by the applicant once only and the test must have been undertaken within thirty days from the original date… where an applicant fails to sit the Test within 30 days of the original date, the application will proceed for determination and a score of zero points will be awarded under this Factor.”

In response to the above requirement, applicants will be contacted by DOI in order to schedule the HCT and the aim is for everyone to complete the test by July 31st 2015.  Those persons who sat HCT on January 31st also have the option to re-sit. If they choose not to re-sit, this should be done in writing advising the DOI accordingly.  

The following list of study materials has been accepted, which are available at the UCCI bookstore:

  • Bodden, J.A.: The Cayman Islands in Transition: The Politics, History and Sociology of a Changing Society (ISBN-13:978-9766373221)
  • Craton, Michael and the New History Committee (2003): Founded Upon the Seas: A History of the Cayman Islands and Their People (Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, ISBN-10:0972935835)
  • Goring, Kevin (2008): Caymanian Expressions: A collection of sayings and phrases used in the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman: Gapseed Publishing)
  • Foundation – the Arts and Culture of the Cayman Islands Volumes 1-4 ( available at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation) ADDED
  • Kieran, Brian: The Lawless Caymanas - A Story of Slavery, Freedom and The West India Regiment (ISBN 9768012900) REMOVED 


All applicants are reminded to visit DOI Website to obtain information on PR applications and any other relevant details.