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New Security Feature for British Passports

New Security Feature for British Passports

Published 16th February 2017, 4:16pm

Her Majesty’s Passport Office has implemented changes to the signature aspect of the current British passport, under a new policy called “sign after receipt.”

With the new policy British Overseas Territories Citizens are now required to physically sign their passport after it has been issued to them.

Previously, British passport holders, including the Cayman Islands, submitted printed photographs and paper forms that included their signature, when completing a passport application. Going forward, all British passports will no longer include the holder’s signature in digital format.

The change to the personalisation will include a printed line where the passport holder must sign in black ballpoint ink as required.

HMPO notes that the new “sign after receipt” passports will not be valid for travel without the inclusion of a handwritten signature. British passports with the signature in digital format are still legitimate and will continue to be in circulation up until 2027.

The “sign after receipt” change brings the United Kingdom into line with passports issued by other countries such as the United States, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada. With this change, the British passport continues to be a highly secure and trusted document that meets rigorous international standards.

On page three, passport holders will see a blank signature line and a caption stating “holder’s signature.” Travellers who are exempt from providing a signature, such as children 11 or under, or those with disabilities who are unable to sign, will see printed beneath the signature caption on page two of the passport “the holder is not required to sign.”

HMPO states there will be no other changes to the passport design, to the application process, or accompanying submission form and that this new procedure will not impact the processing activity within HMPO operations.

Applicants will continue to provide photographs and signatures when submitting applications for the British passports as is the normal form submission process.

On Friday, 3rd Feb 2017 the Passport & Corporate Services Office received the first batch of the “sign after receipt” passports for the Cayman Islands.

Ms. Donna Myrie was the first applicant to receive her passport and was instructed to sign above the line provided in order for the same to be valid for immediate travel.