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Paper Option for DOI Survey

Published 27th July 2017, 4:10pm

A new format of the online survey, that aims to enhance services offered by Department of Immigration (DOI), will be available this Thursday (27 July 2017) and Friday, making it easier for customers to share their views before the deadline on Friday at midnight.

Immigration clients will have access to a paper format of the online survey for these two days, when visiting the DOI headquarters; which will enable their participation in the DOI Process Improvement Project.

The Ministry of Human Resources & Immigration shared that the survey is the first step of the project, with the main goal being establishing a National Human Resources Department.

Premier and Minister for Human Resources and Immigration, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, reminds the public that the survey is extremely important: “We want to know how the DOI can better assist all customers and stakeholders who use their services. This is your opportunity to help guide government as we work to create a sustainable delivery model for the entire organisation.”

            While around 600 people have already taken the online survey, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Human Resources & Immigration Wesley Howell continues to encourage feedback.

            “We want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to provide their input,” Mr. Howell says. “So, for someone who may not have the resources to access the survey online we want to hear from you this Thursday and Friday, because this is your time and platform to express the changes you want to see.”

            All information provided by paper or electronic survey respondents will be anonymous and remain confidential.

To access the online survey, visit: