Credit/Debit Card payment for VWV

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Credit/Debit Card payment for VWV

Published 29th April 2016, 11:33am

Visitor Work Visa - Payment by Credit/Debit Cards only

Effective May 2nd 2016, only credit or debit card payments will be accepted for the payment of this facility - cash will no longer be accepted. All major credit cards will be accepted, except for American Express.  The fee of CI$100.00 is equivalent to US$121.95.

The Visitor Work Visa allows certain visitors to the Islands to engage in commercial activities without a work permit for a period not exceeding five calendar days. The visitor shall pay an administrative filing fee of CI$100.00 (payable by credit/debit card only) after satisfactorily meeting all entry and landing requirements as well as meeting all eligibility requirements.