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Two Boats Reach Cayman Brac

Published 28th December 2016, 4:26pm

Dealing with a sudden influx of Cuban migrants required the full mobilisation of the Immigration Departmentís Cayman Brac office over the long holiday weekend.
Thirty four persons, among them 29 men and five women, are in Immigration Department custody in Cayman Brac
The migrants arrived in Cayman Brac waters in two boatloads. While the 22 passengers on the first boat arrived in Cayman Brac on Saturday, 24 December 2016, they did not immediately disembark. The group initially planned to wait out bad weather but changed their minds within a few days.
By contrast all 12 passengers immediately chose to disembark from the second boat which reached the Brac on Sunday 25 December.
Immigration officials expect to bring the migrants to Grand Cayman within the next day or two.
Some 70 migrants are currently in Immigration custody on Grand Cayman.