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Mrs McLean Awarded Chief Officer's Choice

Head of Passport & Corporate Services Office Janice McLean received a Chief Officer’s Choice (COC) award on Thursday, 2 August.

Published 10th August 2018, 5:15pm

Head of Passport & Corporate Services Office Janice McLean received a Chief Officer’s Choice (COC) award on Thursday, 2 August.

Ministry of Human Resources & Immigration Acting Chief Officer, Michael Ebanks, said as he presented Mrs McLean with the COC certificate, “that as the Head of the Passport Office, she is one of the most distinguished employees to receive this award."

“Mrs Jan is always available and looking at new ways to improve our service. She is what I call an ‘old school customer service representative’," he stated.

"She was also nominated by her staff, which in itself says a lot,” he added.The staff stated on the nomination form, “Mrs McLean's passion, workplace ethics and communication skills go above and beyond any job description.  She is truly a boss to admire; one who puts so much pride into everything she does. She likes to say, "We're like a little family here at the passport office, so let's work together and this will help to increase productivity in all that we do for our citizens."

The primary services of the Passport & Corporate Services Office (P&CSO) include processing British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) passports, issuing US Visa Waivers and Special Marriage Licenses, and legalizing public documents.

“Processing BOTC passports requires the most time and consideration," Mrs McLean explained. “This includes determining if a person is eligible for the passport. As Head of the P&CSO, I take full responsibility for confirming that a person is eligible, which means that I have to be satisfied that the documents presented confirm BOTC Nationality. Sometimes, I seek advice from the Nationality Policy Team in the United Kingdom, as I take this responsibility for which I am afforded very seriously."

Mrs Mclean said she was surprised, honored and thankful that her staff nominated her.

"I feel very appreciative and this Award confirms that I have their full support in carrying out my responsibilities. My staff/team are dedicated, hardworking and supportive, for which I am most grateful, and I am delighted to work with them.”

“I also believe in treating every customer with care and dignity and treat them with respect,” she added. 

With 38 years of experience, many refer to her as a person to make many dreams come true, and of course colleagues shared a Mrs Jan story.

Portfolio of the Civil Service Christine Wright shared about the many times she and Mrs McLean would be called out from their home to go to the office in the wee hours of morning to prepare an emergency passport for a premature child having to make an air ambulance trip to the United States for life-saving treatment.

"The hardest part was often to get a photographer out to the Hospital," Mrs Wright said.

“However, we would have the passport ready in the morning, go home as the sun was rising and then we would be expected to be back at work at 8:30 am," she said.

Mrs McLean began her Civil Service career in April 1980 as a Clerical Officer in District Administration, Cayman Brac. As a Clerical Officer, she had the opportunity to work in the following sections: Postal, Customs, Treasury, PWD, Lands and Survey, and as Secretary to the District Commissioner.

She moved to Grand Cayman and worked at MRCU for almost one year in 1986 and a July of the following year (1987) was appointed as Assistant Secretary to the Caymanian Protection Board. This Board dealt with applications for work permits, trade and business licenses, local companies’ licenses, permanent residency and Caymanian Status. In December 1994 she was appointed as Passport Officer.

In July 2008 the services of the Office expanded to include issuing Special Marriage Licenses and legalizing public documents, and the Passport Office was renamed Passport & Corporate Services Office (P&CSO), under the Department of Immigration and it was at this time she was promoted to Head of Passport Office.