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RCIPS FCU Warns of Employment Scams

RCIPS FCU Warns of Employment Scams Targeting Job-Seekers from Other Jurisdictions

Published 18th January 2018, 11:30am

The RCIPS FCU would like to alert the public and also job-seekers abroad of employment scams targeting those looking for work here in the Cayman Islands either in the hospitality industry or nursing. These scams are similar to those the FCU notified the public about last year, but now also use the promise of jobs in the nursing industry to attract victims.

The FCU has learned that job seekers are continuing to respond to these advertisements on social media which solicit resumes for positions in nursing or hospitality and promise assistance with plane fare and permit fees. However, hotels named in such advertisements either do not exist or have no knowledge of such a “recruitment”, and job-seekers are nonetheless later asked to send funds to people here in the Cayman Islands under the guise of processing a work permit.

The scam is believed to be based in Jamaica, with people here in Cayman receiving these funds and returning the funds to individuals in Jamaica. The scammers use social network sites such as Facebook, Tagged, Tango and Badoo to engage persons under false pretexts and ask them to use their bank account to facilitate the transaction or attend Western Union or other remittance services.

The individual running the scam has used the names Odiki Mandalay as well as Carlos Chung (as the purported owner of Hotel Grand Cayman, which does not exist). He or she may be using other names as well, so the FCU asks social network users not to engage in conversations with or do “favors” for people they have never met and whose identity they cannot vouch for.

Anyone who may have fallen victim to this scam or unknowingly participated in the movement of funds as part of this scam should contact the RCIPS FCU at 949-8797 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS).