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DOI Officials Arrest Deported Suspect

DOI officers successfully apprehended an individual for violating the Immigration Law.

Published 10th July 2018, 5:3pm

Through a joint operation and the public’s assistance, officers with the Department of Immigration’s (DOI) Enforcement Division, and the recently established Joint Law Enforcement Task Force, successfully apprehended an individual suspected of violating the Immigration Law.

On Wednesday morning (4 July 2018), officers located and arrested the native Saint Vincent man, who had been living in Grand Cayman on various work permits, after being deported from another country.

The individual in question was located in the Lower Valley area, and arrested by Immigration officers for making false representations and being a prohibited immigrant.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Garry Wong, stated that the department received a number of complaints via social media in regards to the man’s identity.

“After learning of the situation, thanks to the public’s assistance, we sought confirmation from U.K. authorities, and it was discovered that the man was in fact deported from the U.K. after serving time on an 11-year prison sentence for drug importation offences,” he explained.

Investigations are still ongoing and the man remains in Immigration custody at this time. The individual will be removed from the Cayman Islands on the conclusion of his legal matters.

Mr Wong concluded: “I would like to sincerely thank the members of the public who came forward and provided us with the information, which ultimately led to the success of this operation. We appreciate your support in ensuring border security and public safety.”

Immigration officers continue to encourage the community to be diligent in their awareness of illegal activity, and to always report breaches of the law.

Anyone with information about immigration-related offences is urged to contact the confidential information hotline at 1-800-Legalim (1-800-534-2546), or email>