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Legalislation using Passport & Corporate Services

Published 9th April 2020, 10:18pm

Due to COVID-19 the Passport and Corporate Services office is currently unable to accept documents for legalisation / apostilles at this time. However; we are moving to a provisional system where you will send your notarised documents to your client(s) as usual and instruct them to contact us to confirm the authenticity of the signatures.

The Notary will still be required to sign and seal their documents, and affix the commission date stamp as usual ensuring that the Notary’s name is legible.

If you are using a new Notary and their specimen signature was not sent to us previously, we will not be able to verify their signature so we ask that you continue with the Notaries you normally use. Please note that express service is currently not available at this time.

Payment can be remitted online to Royal Bank of Canada using the transit number for RBC 06975 . Account details are as follows:

CI$ RBC account# 112-443-7
Passport & Corporate Office
94A Elgin Ave, George Town, Cayman Islands

US$ RBC account# 262-526-7
Passport & Corporate Office
94A Elgin Ave, George Town, Cayman Islands

Please ensure that a proper description is included reflecting what the payment is for, once the online payment has been made please send confirmation of payment to with the relevant details of your entities.

If you have any questions, contact us at