Entry and Landing Requirements

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Entry and Landing Requirements

Entry Requirements for entry into the Cayman Islands

Every person arriving in the Cayman Islands is required to produce for inspection by an immigration officer a passport or some other valid document establishing their identity and nationality or place of permanent residence. This should be valid beyond the date of their return ticket.

Proof of citizenship or residence may be established by producing a photo identification together with a certified copy of a birth certificate, or a naturalisation certificate.

Persons from certain countries will also be required to possess a valid visa for the Cayman Islands.

Requirements to be satisfied by visitors

A visitor must be in possession of a passport or other appropriate documentation that is valid beyond the date of their return ticket. However, this documentation does not necessarily have to be valid for over six months if this is more than the length of stay.

A visitor must be in possession of a paid up return ticket or ticket entitling him and his dependants, if any, to travel to their next destination outside the Islands. A visitor may also be required to satisfy the immigration officer that they he has sufficient funds to maintain himself and his dependants during the period of their stay in the Cayman Islands.

Length of Stay

Visitors may be granted permission to land in the Islands for a period of up to six months. This period may be extended for further periods not exceeding six months upon application to the Chief Immigration Officer.

Children that are born in the Cayman Islands and are not Caymanian at birth are required to report to the Department of Immigration as soon as practicable in order to have their status in the Islands regularized.

The Immigration Law (R) Section 67 (7) states:  In the case of any child born in the Islands in such circumstances that it does not acquire the right to be Caymanian at birth, such child shall be reported to the Chief Immigration Officer as soon as practicable (30 days) and shall thereafter be subject to immigration control in a manner appropriate in all the circumstances and having regards to the immigration status of the parents or, in the case of a child born outside of wedlock, of the mother.

Parents must provide the following
  • Work permit amendment form (AMD2/AMD2B) or Residency variation form (RV30)
  • a passport or an original Cayman birth certificate
  • complete an extension form (BC10)
The Officer at the “Counter Extension” will land and condition the child accordingly and give ample authorization for the amendment to be reviewed. You will be provided with an Embarkation / Disembarkation card as a substitute for a travel document that will be endorsed until same has been obtained.


Any person acting as the sponsor of a tourist visitor seeking permission to land in the Islands or seeking an extension of the permission may be required to give an undertaking in writing to be responsible for that tourist visitor's maintenance and accommodation during the period of his stay in the Islands. The sponsor is also required by law to inform the Chief Immigration Officer within twenty-four hours of the expiration of the grant of permission if the tourist visitor in question has failed to depart from the Islands before the expiration of the permission granted.

Seeking employment whilst in the Cayman Islands as a visitor

There is no prohibition against seeking employment whilst visiting the Islands as a tourist. However, both the Chief Immigration Officer and the Immigration Boards may refuse the grant of a work permit for a person who is in the Islands as a tourist visitor.

Additionally visitors should note that no application for a Temporary Work Permit in respect of a person who gained entry as a visitor shall be considered or approved unless the visitor has departed and remained off the Islands. However, the Chief Immigration Officer may grant a Temporary Work Permit to a visitor if he is of the opinion that there exist special circumstances for doing so.

Last Updated: 2008-01-18