Amend Work Permits

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Amend Work Permits

This section has information to help you if you want to amend a work permit

In what ways may a work permit be varied?

A valid work permit may be varied to:

  • add or remove a dependant
  • share the work permit with an additional employer or employers, or to change a job title
  • alter the commencement date of a work permit

Who may apply for an amendment?

Either the work permit holder or his/her employer may apply for an amendment.

Making an application for an amendment

Each of the three variations listed above has its own application form

  • add or remove a dependant - Click here for Application
  • share the work permit with an additional employer or employers, or to change a job title - Click here for Application
  • alter the commencement dated of a work permit - Click here for Application

After completion, the form should be submitted to the Department of Immigration either in person or by post.

The completed application must be accompanied by the prescribed fees and any additional documentation that is required.

Important: the application form must be completed in full. An incomplete application form will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

What additional documentation is required

The additional documentation required depends on the type of amendment that is being applied for:

To add a dependant to a valid work permit:

  • if the dependant is the applicant's spouse:
    • certified copy of marriage certificate
    • completed medical questionnaire, including HIV/VDRL test results
    • certified police clearance certificate
  • if the dependant is a child under the age of eighteen:
    • child's birth certificate
    • if the child is of school age, a letter from a private school confirming acceptance/attendance
    • A letter from the employer of each parent indicating the number of hours per week that they are required to work, their monthly income and any other benefits that they receive
  • if the father is unmarried and is applying to have a child added as a dependant:
    • proof of legal custody of the child
    • statement as to the whereabouts of the child's mother
    • child's birth certificate
    • letter from father's employer stating the father's salary and benefits

To remove a dependant from a valid work permit:

  • completed application form together with cover letter stating reasons for removing dependant

To share a work permit with an additional employer:

  • letters from both the present employer and the new employer giving details of the number of days per week/hours per day the employee will work for them respectively. The letter from the new employer must state the job title that the employee will have. If the position with the new employer is a skilled position, then it must be advertised and copies of the advertisements must be submitted with the application. Each employer must also state the salary and benefits that they will pay the employee.

To change a job title

  • a completed application form
  • a letter from the employer stating the new job title and explaining in detail the reasons why the job title is being changed.

Note: if the new job title is a skilled occupation, then the position must be advertised and copies of the advertisements must be enclosed with the amendment application.

To alter the commencement date of a work permit

  • in cases where the employee's arrival in the Islands has been delayed or postponed the employer should provide a letter explaining the circumstances and specifying the new date for the commencement of the work permit. The employer must also provide a certified copy of the employee's full passport.

Last Updated: 2008-01-16

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