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Annual Work Permit Renewal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Work Permit Renewals.
Can the worker continue to work while awaiting the outcome of the renewal application?
Provided that the renewal application was submitted prior to the expiry of the existing work permit the worker may continue to work until the outcome of the renewal application, or, if it was refused, the outcome of any subsequent appeal to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.
How long can I work in the islands on a work permit?
The maximum period that a person may remain in the Cayman Islands on a work permit is nine years. However, in the case of persons who before the law changes, were eligible for a ten year term limit and were employed in a prescribed occupation and industry, their term limit will remain at ten years. Work permits will therefore not be renewed beyond these dates. Please follow the links for specific information on the rules for term limits. Note: where the worker is married to another worker or a Government employee he may continue to hold work permits after the expiry of his term limit in certain circumstances.
What must I provide when applying for a work permit renewal?
In order to help us process your application as quickly as possible, please read the Guidelines to help you make your application.
For how long can my work permit be renewed?
Subject to term limit restrictions, work permits can be granted or renewed for up to three years generally, although workers can be granted work permits of up to five years if they work as a domestic helper, teacher, doctor, nurse or minister of religion. Similarly, a work permit for a person listed in a Business Staffing Plan Certificate may be granted or renewed for up to five years. For workers employed in a prescribed industry and occupation the work permit may be granted for, or renewed up to, a maximum of ten years.